Turning point

Posted on January 9, 2011


There is no questioning that times are tough and for many, making a turning point in their lives is fast becoming a preferred option.

Australia historically has a low intake of domestic students from socio-economic status (SES) participating in higher education (Department Higher Education). The Australian Government announced in its 2009-2010 budget their goal  is to increase by 20 per cent, the enrolment of higher education at undergraduate level for those with a SES background by 2020.

Not all who are undergoing higher education are from a SES background yet they too are suffering from the global economic crisis and want to improve their quality of life.

An option for many people wanting to achieve higher education is studying through distance learning (via correspondence).

There are pros and cons when looking at the differences of studying via correspondence or through being on university campus.

Rebecca Ho, who is currently studying via correspondence said, her main reason for choosing this form of studying was because she is a mother of two and has financial commitments that require her to work.

“I wasn’t given the option to study after high school so I put myself through a diploma at TAFE when I was 20 in marketing, yet the whole industry has changed so much,” Ms Ho said.

Studying via correspondence can bring many hurdles for the student who does not have the luxury of interacting with other students or tutors face to face and often can feel isolated.

Ms Ho said she has much support from my friends in the online forum world, lots of people who study there and we share support stories and coping mechanisms.

There are many reasons why people choose to take on higher education and more so for those that choose to do their study through distance learning.

For Ms Ho the ability to take on a role as a major brands marketing manager was one main reason for taking on a higher education.

“The things that I am learning as I go increase my knowledge and opportunity to earn”, Ms Ho said.



Week 6.

A. Is it Newsworthy?

Yes I believe the story is newsworthy as statistics show an increase in distant learning. The unemployment rate remains at a low rate nationally. People are finding it hard to make ends meet and with the option of distant learning, more opportunities are available gaining higher education.

B. Is the heading appropriate?

I feel the heading is appropriate because in life, we can all reach a turning point. For many choosing distant learning is a major turning point in their lives as determination, passion and discipline needed to make it happen.

C. Have you written a strong enough lead?

The lead stands on its own. It draws attention to a larger market captivating them to read on.

D. Do the sources back up the story?

The source used in this story is from someone who reflects the meaning “Turning Point”.  Rebecca Ho herself felt it was a turning point when choosing to do distant learning to open up new possibilities while facing the other aspects of her life.

E. Stylistically does it conform to news writing precedence? Read the BBC news style guide PDF in the readings for this week, and use the news writing story assessment criteria in the assessment folder as a guide.