Week 5 Exercises

Posted on January 14, 2011


2. Local publications to vary.  The different niches and topics from my observation were;

a) The Weekly Times – focused on Sports

b) The Mosman Daily – focused on Real Estate and soft local news

c) Parramatta Advertiser – Politics and local crime

d) The Northern District Times – tends to follow the niche of the group of papers focusing on local news and soft style news reporting.

3. Daily Life brainstorming – emails from other students. An attempt was made to discuss the topic of distant learning with other students via the discussion board.  Sadly it didn’t really get off the ground however, ideas were not generated.  I was able to brainstorm with fellow student Rebecca Ho, who I later interview for my story.  I also thought of my own experience with the story topic.

6. Story budget

Distant learning – New budget to reform fee help and encourage more to study. Due to the GFC, many people are forced to re-evaluate their circumstances to exist in these troubled times. An option is to do higher level of study yet many have to continue to work and raise their families. Distant learning offers flexibility.

  • Resources – students & Government departments
  • Photos/ Graphics – table of statistics; woman studying while juggling other      responsibilities; image to reflect the title of story

Weight Watchers (WW) – WW has announced and launched globally their new system of loosing weight.  It is proven it works yet some speculation in regards to the old system and why it had to change.

  • Resources – Team Leader for WW in UK; WW websites & WW member
  • Image of healthy food, a before and after shot of someone who has lost weight

The QLD Floods – New Year has started in a crisis for residents of QLD.  Many have already lost their lives while others are fighting to survive and forced to evacuate and move to higher ground.  People have their own individual story to tell of how they are surviving this ordeal.

  • Resources – Residents in affected areas, national news, PM press release
  • Images of damages, water, people

7. Story ideas – a little survey I did on my social network:

a.       Feel good stories

b.      Hard news particularly that covers crime

c.       Environment

d.      Health

e.       Celebrities

f.        World news

g.       Weight loss

h.       Stories that are far from the norm

8. QLD Floods – how to localise

a.       How are people locally being affected

b.      Do they know of people in the crisis

c.       What are they doing if anything to help

d.      How often are they keeping up to date with the news

e.       On an emotional level, how are they coping

Contact people in general, the local community.  Use social media to get a wide-spread response. Look for organisations locally that are helping the crisis.