We are One, we are Australians

Posted on February 8, 2011


Australia Day means different things to different people and yet at the heart of it, is a national public day where many celebrations are had all over the nation.

Australia Day originally known as Foundation Day is the official national day of Australia.

The day’s celebrated annually on 26th January, traditionally commemorating the arrival for the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip.

Many Australians have different view points on what Australia Day means to them today.

Janine Boyd from North Ryde in Sydney said she enjoys sitting under a clear blue sky enjoying a beer, a BBQ, and having a good laugh.

Janine from North Ryde

“Australia Day to me is also about reminding our children where we have come from and assuring them that if we trust our friends and our hearts, we can overcome and accomplish anything,” Ms Boyd said.

Jack Smith-Touzel, a nine-year old from Marsfield said Australia Day to him is about being with his Mum, family and friends.

Jack from Marsfield

“I spend Australia Day with my Mum and we go to see the local show and fireworks, “said Master Smith-Touzel

Meredith Young from Berkeley Vale in NSW said she has spent many years abroad yet still celebrated the fact of being an Australian on Australia Day.

“Australia day is a day with family and friends and be truly thankful for our wonderful country,”

“Australia Day of course means a BBQ and backyard cricket is almost compulsory,” said Ms Young.

Meredith from Berkeley Vale

The City of Ryde, like most municipalities around the country host their own celebrations filled with live music, rides, food stalls and finish Australia Day with an array of magnificent fireworks.

It is a given that the majority of Australians celebrate in Australia day and exult in being an Australian.