Produce prices set to soar!

Posted on February 9, 2011


The recent floods in Queensland have devastated the nation with fatalities, infrastructure in despair and many people without their homes.

As this crisis affects those living in the state of Queensland, the implications will take a toll on other states locally.

Rising prices predicted to soar on local produce due to the wipe out of crops and the shut down or destruction of roads, with many farmers being left to pick up the pieces.

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The owner of Panetta Fruits at Macquarie Shopping Centre, Angus Gunawan said much of the produce is water damaged which, along with a problem of supply will force the price up.

“Our main struggle is to get quality at the moment,” said Mr Gunawan.

Aussie Farmers Direct who offers local home delivery service of 100 per cent Australian produce has issued a message regarding supply to their customers directly and on their website.

The message from Aussie Farmers Direct advised customers be wary of media hype suggesting a skyrocket in prices for fruit and vegetables.

The message also said selected lines will experience a slight increase in price; however, they are doing their best to ensure that prices remain competitive.

Rene Thomas, a local resident of Sydney’s North West said there is always concern about the effect on the cost of living, but understands that as a consumer she is an end-user and therefore at the mercy of the market.

Ms Thomas said her main concern is retailers who increase costs under the banner of the floods where it is not warranted.

It is clear there is an expectation from both retail suppliers and consumers for prices to increase, however, all parties understand the need to monitor the situation to ensure the market remains competitive.