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Posted on February 25, 2011


Travellers from near and far embark in tour groups when seeking the ultimate travel experience of destinations around the world.

Countless globetrotters choose Europe as the ideal destination.

When opting for a tour holiday, you will know from the beginning what your itinerary will be, the places you will visit and what attractions you will be visiting.

While Europe as a destination assures to charm, it is the experience it appears to matter most.

Carmel Lloyd, former Product Manager for WorldShores said touring means more than just seeing the sights, it is delivering a ‘real’ experience which adds value in all aspects.

“Meticulous research and years of expertise in the European province combined with passionate local guides, highly knowledgeable Tour Directors translates into truly unforgettable adventures.” said Ms Lloyd.

Describing Europe as a sort after region, Ms Lloyd said it is full with historic riches, cultural treasures, captivating landscapes and superb culinary feasts to explore.

David Cross* who decided to go with the package tours could not talk highly enough of his experience in travelling this way.

“Through a tour, in my eyes, all elements are taken care of and there are many choices on offer to suit all needs and desires, “said Mr Cross.

To name a few of the highlights Mr Cross encountered while on tour were the many culinary delights in each country; visiting the Coliseum of the eternal city in Rome, and viewing a folklore show in Spain.

“One of my favourite things was sipping on a simple yet divine espresso from a local café in Venice and visiting a traditional vineyard in Tuscany,” said Mr Cross.

Life is somewhat prearranged whilst on a tour and all you have to do is sit back and let the adventure reveal itself one day at a time.




* Names changed on request.

Photos courtesy of Lynette Fraser

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