Queensland waits with baited breath!

Posted on February 25, 2011


Warnings issued too many parts of North Queensland including residents in Beachmere, known as being married to the tides with announcements to get up high and in some cases evacuate their homes as the water rises.

Locals are budding up with neighbours or family as limited space in the zoned safety houses or too hard to reach with the limited time given to evacuate.

Norma Morris, a local of Beachmore is housing and feeding 21 people in her home said watching the water rising and not knowing what is going to happen is very daunting.

“Shops have run out of milk and bread, which is making it very hard with 21 people in the house at the moment,” said Ms Morris.

The shelves in local shops are becoming very low on supplies and with the water rising; chances of provisions reaching the shelves is slight.

Kelly Morrison, daughter to Ms Morris said it has been frightening knowing her Mother and interstate visitors are trapped in her home on the waterline.

“I speak to Mum a few times a day checking on them waiting to see if the water is getting higher and if they need to evacuate.

Being aware supplies are getting low and not knowing when food will be able to get through is quite terrifying,” said Ms Morrison.

The Queensland Government and in particular the Premier Anna Bligh has kept a continuous face on the media front issuing regular updates and warnings as they arise on the situation.

Ms Morris said at this stage she feels the government’s hands are tied and they cannot do anymore than they are already doing.

Time is the essence as Queensland waits with bated breath to find out the outcome of the crisis that has bestowed them.



Photos: Adam Powel and Bigpicture